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My buddy... early in the morning in the wheelhouse I often think of you...I laugh, I cry, but most of all I STAY AWAKE! Love you, Miss You. Darlen

I can vividly recall in 2004 Woody informing me of the substandard fishing reel and the reason why I was not catching Albacore, as usually, Woody was correct with his assessment. The following Albacore season I returned with new equipment, and landed 15 albacore... Thanks for the advise Woody... I am going to miss you.

Woody"s favorite prayer: God grant that I may live to fish, until my dying day, and when it comes to my last cast, I then most humbly pray, When in the Lord's safe landing net, I'm peacefully asleep, that in his mercy I be judged, as big enough to keep

From: John Pasmakian I have been fishing with the Freedom people for many years, I felt so sad that Woody has left everyone. I wish good health to his loved ones and lots of life so long Woody we'll miss you.

: You will be missed. I still remember asking you when you were going to open up the galley to cook and how mad you were when you explained that you were the Capt. and not a cook, you were funny - I knew Woody. RIP Captain - Brian Bobaly

I'm really going to miss him waking me up in the morning and saying,"Time to get up little rat basta**!" I'm really going to miss you Woody... - P-Nut - Deckhand/Friend

Woody was a good friend, a good man, and a very good fisherman. I remember distinctly his telling me many years ago that he always fished albacore with 30 pound line. Period. In the days of anchovies, no less. A good man gone too soon.

This morning I got up in the gray - and as I watched the sun come up, I remember the first time I spent the night in the wheelhouse with you... you told me to come outside and look...I was looking for a boat or something... and we watched the gray disappear and the sun come up... how beautiful it was... I remember the twinkle in your eye... I will think of you the gray! Love Darlen

"Woody was a good man. He was a very serious and good fisherman. My strongest memory is of him telling me that he always fished 30# for albacore. Period. Back in the day of anchovies! Quite a guy." - Mike Gilmour

Woody was a good friend, and I will miss him teaching me how to catch white sea bass. Knowing Woody, has been one of the best and most fun experiences of my life. Woody, I will miss you, you were ONE CLASS ACT! Say Hello to GOD for me!

AHOY! I miss you so much... I am glad that you knew what a great mentor you were to me. I learned so much from you and I'll treasure the great times we had in the wheelhouse. - Capt. Tom Lee

Woody was my daddy, he was the best at everything he did. He taught me everything thing i know. Although there were many times we argued we still loved each other. He was and is the best fisherman ever. I love my dad forever and ever, may he be peaceful catching the big one upstairs.... luv keli

My daddy was the best. But you never know how great your parents are until you have your own kids and find out how difficult it is to be a parent. My dad made it look so easy. I never went fishing with him because he always told me if I went I had to bait my own hook. (YUCK) So my kids went with him instead. ( I think he liked it better that way anyways) He was such a proud grandpa, he loved thoser kids so very much and never ever missed their birthdays and always kept candy in his desk drawer for when they saw him. I will miss him every single day and until we are together again I will remember just how great a father he was! I love you daddy!

Woody and I were married for 51 years. He was an amazing husband, father and friend. The love between us grew and grew for 51 fantastic years. I miss him so very much. Darlene

I miss my bunk buddy! I know that you are shaking things up in Heaven ... telling them "You know I'm right!" ... I'll always remember and value our friendship - Love, Darlen

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